Spirits of the Wild

Wild herbs, produce, and flowers have taken to the restaurant menu like weeds to a freshly tilled pasture (pun intended). The foraging craze has trickled down from the Michelin-star pantheon of culinary establishments to more humble restaurants, local grocery stores and farmers markets, so that your average foodie today knows their nettles from their dandelion. But, what’s next for these ambitious plants? Your glass.

Celebrate Earth Day with Green Valley

Iron Horse Vineyards is proud to announce we have scored a fabulous speaker for Celebrate Earth Day in Green Valley. She is California’s Secretary of Agriculture Karen Ross.  Her topic is the Future of Food.The day will be a celebration of how food connects us, nourishes us, and defines us. Food does more than just keep us alive. It plays a central role in connecting us to the land, to our heritage, and to each other.