Social Media Roundup August 20, 2012


Social Media Roundup

Each week, CCA will be bringing you our social media roundup, with helpful information, tips, and tools to help you better utilize social media for your brand. We hope you find these resources helpful, and we welcome your feedback!

I. Social Media News & Notes

10 Online Security Tips for Gen Y

Now more than ever, Internet security is incredibly important in maintaining the health of your company. Regardless of industry or size, making sure your secure information remains that way should be a top priority of any company. Look at these 10 tips to help ensure your online identity remains safe.

5 Questions to Answer When Planning Your Social Media Greatness

Part of having social media work effectively for your business is making sure there is a solid plan in place for you to achieve your goals. This plan should be in place in the planning stages of your social media strategy as well as regularly reevaluated. Here are 5 questions that will help guide you through this sometimes-confusing process.

Why Most Companies Fail at Social Media--Understanding the Three C's

The social media world is a very complex one. For this reason, many companies do not successfully implement a social media strategy into their business plan. This article believes the reason for this can be attributed to not understanding the three C’s: content, context and conditions. See how your company stacks up!

II. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest & Beyond

A Complete Guide to Facebook Lists

Want a way to neatly and compactly organize your Facebook friends or subscribers? Facebook now introduces the list function which allows your company to more effectively categorize groups of people such as press, clients etc. and receive customized feeds.

6 Lessons From a YouTube-Savvy Restaurant

Do you think that using YouTube to promote your small business is either too hard or too expensive?  That is simply not true. This restaurant owner from New York City’s Lower East Side shows how he used YouTube to successfully promote and create excitement about his business.