Eating and Drinking Around SF

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By Skye

Even after living in San Francisco for close to two years and being fully immersed in the food and wine world, there still seems to be an infinite amount of restaurant and bar options available to the gourmand. Over the past couple weeks, I happened to stumble upon two of the more extraordinary ones.

Chambers (Phoenix Hotel, Tenderloin)

I finally discovered where the infamous ‘Be Amazing’ sign is located. This classy operation based in a not so ritzy part of town, gives one a sense of the good ol’ days: men dressed in jackets and women wearing Mad Men era cocktail dresses, with martinis in hand. One couldn’t tell from the non-descript exterior of this establishment, but Chambers has to be one of the best bars in town. Grab a cocktail from one of the two bars and lounge in some of their luxurious couches or dance the night away- this joint fits every type of personality.

Contigo (Noe Valley)


I tend to be a bit circumspect when it comes to Yelp’s ratings, but they hit the bulls-eye this time around. Situated in the heart of one of the most serene neighborhoods in the city, Noe Valley, Contigo Kitchen + Cava must be one of the most authentic Spanish restaurants in the Bay Area. I haven’t had such delicious black squid ink rice since my Spanish host-father made it in Bordeaux. The restaurant has an enchanting ambiance, a killer menu and an enticing outdoor patio. To add to the success of the night, we happened to unknowingly walk in the evening they were celebrating their 4th anniversary, which meant sangria on the house.