Confessions of a E-Shopaholic

My name is Andrew and I am a shopaholic. There, I said it. People often say that acceptance is the first step to recovery. I have no problem admitting to my addiction; stopping myself from typing, on the other hand, has proven to be rather difficult. Having gone to college in the middle of nowhere, I quickly fell victim to the lure of online shopping. First, it was a few special edition sneakers but as we all know, the problem with online shopping is that it makes you realize how meaningless your life is without those USB robots that dance to the music from your computer, or those beanbags shaped like puzzle pieces. However the benefit to e-shopping is that it allows me to research/ learn about products with ease, and there’s never a shortage of stores that are selling what I want for a cheaper price than the ones before them. And with the current economic downtown, I’ve come to favor discount codes more than ever. Before I finalize my order on the check out page, I search for all kinds of discount codes that might apply to my order to get that 5 or 6% off. And when I do locate a discount code that’s applicable to my order, not only do I feel smarter than Stephen Hawking, but I also pat myself on the back for my ‘advanced’ researching abilities. On the rare occasion that I find multiple discount codes available, I apply the one that offers the most discount to my order, and then write the rest of them down in the “Do you have a comment or a suggestion?” box, hoping that whoever is processing my order will take notice of my ingenuity, have a good chuckle to him/herself, and decide to apply all the discount codes to my order.

As Christmas season is fast approaching (or is it here already?), I thought I could talk about one of my favorite websites to shop for fun, quirky gifts. I wish this e-store were a ‘hidden gem’ that I could introduce to the world and people would awe at my discovery, but alas it is not. However, that does not mean it is a bad store by any means.

Lush is a store that sells fresh, handmade natural cosmetics and bath and body products. As an avid fan, I knew their handmade natural soaps, bath bombs, shampoos, lotions etc. were total crowd pleasers but only recently did I realize how ‘green’ their offerings are. According to the Lush website, you can purchase 70% of their products without any packaging, and with the products that require packaging, they use post-consumer recycled, recyclable and biodegradable materials. How commendable is that, considering that some stores feel obliged to tissue paper your purchase to death?

How Bath Bombs Work (Picture courtesy of

How bathbombs work (courtesy of

And these are some of my favorite bathbombs:

Big Blue Bath Bomb

Sakura Bath Bomb

Ickle Angel Bath Bomb