Innovative packaging or environmental fail?

Dr. Vino reports about a new, adventurous kind of wine packing. How would you like a single-serve plastic glasses of wine? Apparently a lot people in the UK like it a lot.

I can see that there's a market for it - for all those picnics, camping trips etc. that we all hopefully get to go on during the summer. But without knowing about the quality of the wine, I think that I can safely say, that I'm not in the target group for Le Froglet. It's just too unromantic for me, and I'd much rather bring a nice wine and my fine glassware to the park, even at the risk of breaking a glass or two.

But perhaps a more important concern is the environmental impact of this kind of packaging. I don't know the numbers, but I'm guessing that the impact is huge compared to regular bottles and even more compared to bagged or boxed wine. And I'm also guessing that the cost of the Le Frog-packaging is relatively higher than more traditional solutions - you simply get less wine for your money.

So if you're looking for an innovative, practical wine packaging, look for brands such as The French Rabbit from the Boisset family. You can also read more about the French Rabbit on Fast Company. It's ecofriendly, cute - and you get to drink more than just one glass!