Welcome to Wine Lands!

People from around the world flocked to Outside Lands, one of the largest music festivals of the year, taking over Golden Gate Park. Headliners at this year’s Musicpalooza included The Strokes, My Morning Jacket, and Kings of Leon, along with dozens of other great bands. Music was not the only thing worth going for. The food and wine were on a level that only San Franciscans could appreciate. There were booths offering Anchor & Hopes BBQed oysters, Grumpy’s tater-tots with lavender honey mustard, and Namu’s Korean tacos.

You just can’t have great food without great wine. If you wanted to go with your typical concert beverage, you could easily get a Coors Light, but many music fans this year were lining up for glasses of Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc to enjoy at the next show.

CCA was there with DeLoach Vineyards, one of the lucky few wineries in Wine Lands, an oasis of reputable wineries. Music lovers from near and far lined up to taste dozens of California wines all in one Wine Country-influenced pavilion. “Only in San Francisco would there be a place like this for people to taste all these different wines at an event where you would only expect beer and soda. It was a great opportunity for DeLoach to reach an audience that doesn’t normally drink wine.” – says Sonia Meyer, CCA's newest team member who helped pour at the event.

DeLoach Vineyards poured a refreshing and balanced Pinot Blanc, a succulent Zinfandel and a favorite for many, their Pinot Noir, which was so popular that the barrel was dry before the afternoon headliner.

DeLoach at Outlands

The DeLoach Pinot Noir was so popular that the barrel was emptied in record time.