Wine Columns for the Week of January 31, 2007

Certain issues of great public interest, say, hurricanes, internecine conflicts or celebrity bedroom secrets, can inspire jaded pen pushers to literary heights. But the Super Bowl, an event of such hopelessly irredeemable banality, seems doomed to bring out their worst -- especially as the journalists in question are a coterie of boozed-up and pun-happy wine writers. (Just take a look at what kitschy Christmas did to them...) It's all the more pleasant a surprise, then, that the best wine writing this week may well be found in just these football-themed stories. For one, Laurie Winer's tale of saving her family from Cheesy Bites and Crunch Wrap Supremes is the most entertaining and ardent LA Times food/wine feature for many a week. Over in the SF Chronicle, Christina Kelly patiently outlines wine pairing suggestions for nachos and buffalo wings. And if you've ever lost sleep over the age-old question of which bottle to crack open when someone's just "fumbled away a first down in the red zone," Paul Gregutt is your man.