Winemaker Music & Beverage Pairings - Charles Comm clients report from harvest 2017

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Head Winemaker- Crocker & Starr

Drink: "I enjoy an ice cold glass of Bridesmaid Sauvignon Blanc on an easy day of harvesting.  In the thick of harvest, I will move towards a Tru Gin Martini once I get home from a long day."

Music: "I enjoy the Mozart Pandora station first thing in the morning and then will change to Elton John radio or Fleetwood Mac, which everyone ends up signing along to."  


Associate Winemaker- Crocker & Starr

Drink: "My drink of choice at the end of a hard harvest day is probably a thirst quenching beer.  Negra Modelo is something I like to have on hand.  When I get home, a gin and tonic or negroni usually peaks my interest." 

Music: "Depending on the day, I usually start with Motown, have some reggae in between like The Black Seeds, and end with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Police, or Kings of Leon when I need to turn it up a notch.  But all types of music makes an appearance at some point."

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Head Winemaker- Gallica

Drink: " A morning latte and an afternoon almond smoothie with loads of fresh ginger and mint." 

Music: "I'm stuck on Portugal The Man- Feel It Still -and Maggie Rogers. Harvest is a great time to dig out old favorites. Right now Willie Nelson- Georgia on my Mind is playing...."


Head Winemaker- Broadside

Drink: "I drink a bit of Tecate and my assistant Winemaker, David McDonald brings in finer stuff like Schnieder Weisse, various Trappist ale like Spencer from MA, or local stuff like Silva.  We drink wine too.  Mostly import whites and Rosé."

Music: "With music we like to keep it current.  Recent Fruit Bats, Gold StarThundercat, New Real Estate and The War on Drugs releases, anxiously waiting for the new Kurt Vile & Courtney Barnett collaboration.  Older stuff is mostly Bowie or Yacht Rock - Love Todd Rundgren, Hall & Oates, really the whole smooth genre - Also mixes from my buddy Julian - Lots of disco and stuff that you've never heard before with some hip hop.  Music is on at the winery all day every day."

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Head Winemaker- Fess Parker Winery

Drink: "I drink a four shot breve latte to start the day and finish the day with an ice cold beer..or two...or..."

Music: "When I am helping on the sorting table, Beastie Boys is my go to with some Sublime, Bob Marley, Guns n Roses and a little Snoop and Dr. Dre." 


Associate Winemaker- Fess Parker Winery

Drink: "Everyone likes to say that it takes a lot of beer to make good wine, but I drink way more coffee, at least in the mornings. At home we try to keep a variety of good bottles of wine open."

Music: "Our cellar team mostly choose the music so I have been listening to a lot of Norteño music but we also like to mix in some new music by Future Islands, The Allah-las, Kurt Vile and the War on Drugs." 



Drink: "Morning = Latte (whole milk), Daytime = Water, Coconut Water, Late afternoon/evening = Iced Green Tea or Brew Dr. Kombucha. As far as libations = some days call for Bubbly, some call for a nice refreshing G&T and heck some call for a Whisky tipple."

Music: "I am listening to lots of Tom Petty this harvest. My husband and I snuck out to a concert at the Greek Theater in Berkeley and it was such an amazing performance it kind of set the stage for harvest (Free Falling, Wildflowers, Here Comes My Girl, Learning to Fly).  I also have many classics that always make the harvest play list. I'm just realizing that some of them have a sweet theme (maybe that is because harvest is so sticky sweet)…Sweet Caroline (Neil Diamond), Sweet Child of Mine (Guns and Roses), Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics)…and there are moments where it has to be Back in Black (AC/DC) or Eye of the Tiger (Survivor), and there are some newer additions like Hey Ho and Ophelia (The Lumineers), Renegades (x Ambassadors), Wish I Knew You (The Revivalists), There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back (Shawn Mendes)…and of course Harvest Moon (Neil Young)."