All you need is HOPE.

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As I get ready to see Sir Paul McCartney’s last concert in San Francisco at Candlestick Park next week, I am singing classic Beatles songs daily resonating with the lyrics that defined my youth.  I love the simplicity of Lennon & McCartney’s words, reminding us in this techno age to keep it simple.  Simple was the way life in Rikuzentakata City in Japan leading up to March 11th of 2011.  That morning a 9.0 earthquake devastated the region, causing a tsunami that decimated the entire city including the Suisen Shuzo saké brewery that was established there in 1944.  The kura was reduced to rubble and seven employees lost their lives that day along with thousands of residents along the coastline.

We are reminded of the quixotic aspect of nature and how quickly life can change in a moment.   Thankfully, despite the tragedy, there is and was HOPE in the hearts of the team at the brewery and the residents of Rikuzentakata.  Fellow brewers who didn’t suffer the devastation jumped in to help the team brew its sakés as they worked to rebuild their own kura once again.  We at CCA are honored and very pleased to debut a new saké from Suisen Shuzo called KIBO or “Hope” in Japanese at this year’s Outside Lands festival.

One of the elements that has guided Charles Communications Associates since its founding in 2003 is the notion of giving back and being a conscientious global denizen daily.  We have deliberately chosen to work with clients and causes that contribute to the better good of our world either through mindful farming practices such as Lodi Rules or working to improve the health and well-being of our river systems around the U.S., or in the case of SakéOne, importer of KIBO saké, raising awareness that we need to be mindful that long after the headlines and news frenzy has died down, there is still much to do to aid in the recovery and restoration of people and places.

KIBO is a Junmai sake packaged in a 187 ml can, which is quite traditional in the Japanese market, a single serve premium offering that complements a nice meal on the go or in a casual setting.  Each can includes a link to to let consumers know that they can be a part of helping to rebuild and restore.

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