CCA's Most Inspirational People

By Charles Communications Staff

We all feel very fortunate here at CCA. We have amazing clients, we live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and we are fortunate to love what we do! In this blog post we wanted to pay special tribute to those who inspire us, whether it be directly or indirectly. 

Kimberly Charles

Inspirational person name: Julia Child

Why/how do they inspire you? Many people in my life have inspired me either directly or indirectly along my life's path.  When asked this question though, one particular person comes directly to the top of the list, Julia Child.   She revolutionized American cuisine in the most simply brilliant of ways.  The post war generation, used to processed, quick prep foods in the kitchen was enlightened in a fun, upbeat yet sophisticated manner with her French Chef series that ran on public television in the 1970s.   I was a pre-teen then and became fixated on her show, loving the techniques, the insight into French culture and deeply appreciating her unique American friendly and funny banter during the show.   I began to cook from her books at the age of 10, starting with the baking and I do credit her with igniting the pilot light of my career. To this day, whenever I entertain, I lift a glass, give my best Julia impression and say heartily, "Bon Appetit!"

 Alex Fondren

Inspirational person name: Darlene Fondren (aka Mom)

Why/how do they inspire you? For such a kind person, she has experienced more adversity and hardship than most people deserve, yet her positive outlook and sunny, smiling nature has never wavered. Whenever I get down on life, I call her and she immediately finds the silver lining and a way to make me smile. I only hope I can have that profound an impact on someone in my life!

A special moment: She has been increasingly interested in wine education since I started in the industry so that we can share our mutual passion. Last year she went for her CSW and for the first time, I was the one assuaging HER pre-exam jitters. She truly stretched herself going for it - it's tremendously hard to study and taste when you're not already working in the industry. I've never been more proud or inspired by her dedication and perseverance. 

Jordan Carmack

Inspirational person name: Tim Racer and Donna Reynolds of BAD RAP Organization

Why/how do they inspire you? BAD Rap (established in 1999) is an organization dedicated to the education, training, owner support, disaster relief services and rehabilitation for Pit-Bull type dogs. Their continued support for dogs both in their community and across the US inspires me to be an active member in my own community through volunteer opportunities and by bringing awareness to responsible dog ownership in San Francisco.

A special moment: We had the opportunity to work with this organization after rescuing our lab/pit-bull mix Holiday over 5 years ago. After being turned away from multiple obedience classes, doggie day cares (yes there is such a thing as doggie day care) it was discouraging and at moments heartbreaking to have our “furrbaby” turned away not for her behavior, but because of they way she looked. After being recommended to the Bad Rap organization we were welcomed into their family with open arms. The education and support they have offered us has been invaluable. We’ve participated in their pit-education as well as their CGC Coaching classes and we continue to go back for obedience refresher courses. Once a member of the BAD RAP family you are always a member of their family and for that we are forever grateful!

To learn more about BAD RAP click here.

Tiffany Nice

Inspirational person name: Nellie Bly

Why/how do they inspire you? How could she not? I was recently reminded of how inspiring this woman was/is when an article posted on Matador Network celebrating her birthday on May 5th. She had an insatiably adventurous spirit and was a truly gutsy lady who went against the grain and pioneered as a journalist, world traveler, humanitarian and feminist. 

 Ana Roselli

Inspirational person name: Muhammad Yunus

Why/how do they inspire you? Yunus won the Nobel Prize in 2010 for his micro finance initiative in Bangladesh and by achieving that he highlighted to the world the concept of social business and how making money and solving social problems at the same time is possible. Yunus defied the existing status quo by himself and slapped traditional capitalism on the face by boosting the new way of doing business.  

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