CCA's Trendy Summer Food & Beverage Pairings

Though we are still enjoying our Indian summer here in San Francisco, we all know that autumn is just around the corner. To revel in these last traces of warm weather, and reminisce on a summer filled with great food, gastronomic adventures, and friends, the CCA team offers up our favorite vernal pairings.


Lobster roll from  Arnold's Lobster  in Eastham, MA. Photo courtesy of Kimberly Charles.

Lobster roll from Arnold's Lobster in Eastham, MA. Photo courtesy of Kimberly Charles.

Food: New England Lobster Roll

Beverage: Corsican Rosé Yves Leccia (in plastic cup...we're no snobs)

Story: My mother spent summers in Boston growing up and she and my father spent their honeymoon in Provincetown in 1957 so I love going back and connecting with my New England roots, especially with dear friends, as was the case with Arnold's this past July. 



The 'Cocktail Tree' at Shake Ridge vineyard. Photo courtesy of Alex Fondren.

The 'Cocktail Tree' at Shake Ridge vineyard. Photo courtesy of Alex Fondren.

Food: Farmers market heirlooms with fresh burrata and sea salt

Beverage: Yorba Greco di Oro

Story: On our way back from a wedding in Amador County, we stopped into a tasting room we had been meaning to check out in the charming town of Sutter Creek: Yorba - the flagship winery for the famed Shake Ridge Ranch vineyard. After a friendly chat with the tasting room manager, she invited us to drive to the storied vineyard and have a picnic. The only food on us was some fresh farmers market fare: tomatoes and burrata. But paired with a cold bottle of Yorba Greco, picked right from the Shake Ridge vineyard upon which we enjoyed it, this simple meal proved the best pairing of the summer (especially with this view of the property's famous 'cocktail tree'!).



Homemade martini with radish & borage fresh from the garden. Photo courtesy of Hillary Lyons.

Homemade martini with radish & borage fresh from the garden. Photo courtesy of Hillary Lyons.

Food: Bodega Bay smoked salmon with creme fresh on toast

Beverage: a homemade garden martini with Square One Organic Vodka

Story: When visiting Bodega Bay for a weekend of paddle boarding and camping, we were fortunate enough to come across a man selling smoked salmon from his vintage trailer. The fish was so candied with brown sugar and spices that it was practically jerky. The next day, I decided to cut some of that richness with a homemade martini made with Square One Vodka and fresh vegetables from my father's garden for a winning combination.



Food: Crispy Pork Belly glazed in red wine jus with sweet potato puree, apples, and chicharon from Palate 

Beverage: San Miguel Pale Pilsen

Story: I went back to the Philippines for a week a month ago and dined at my friend's newest restaurant in the metro, Palate. The weather in Manila had me craving ice-cold San Miguel Pale Pilsen (only in the PH!) and I just had to pair it with this crispy pork belly (or chicharones) - a classic local pairing!


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