All the Swirl "Must Reads"

By Charles Communications Staff

Each month we look back at the great food, beverage and lifestyle stories that caught our attention. 

Kimberly Charles

Article: Day of Disbelief

Source: The American Scholar

Why did this article stand out to you? I chose this article because it's quite common to draw quick conclusions about a city, its traditions and culture.  I've been going to New Orleans for the last 5 years in recent history but it is a reaquaintance from my youth.  My family lived in the south in the early 70s and I found New Orleans to be beguiling, mysterious, a mash up of the Caribbean, Europe and the South. 

Why do you recommend this article to others? I love this piece by Wayne Curtis, a friend of our group that gathers together annually for the roll of the Krewe of St. Anne.  He offers a great insight into the levity, creativity and spirit of Mardi Gras.  

Alex Fondren

Article: 8 Books For Wine Communicators (That Are Not About Wine)


Why did this article stand out to you?  One of the best things about the wine industry is the fact that most people seem to fall into it rather than actively pursue it (it's not like wine is an encouraged line of work in most high school curricula). As a result, the diversity in backgrounds and resumes (especially with regards to wine writers) can prove an interesting study. This article reminded me of that, especially with regards to the insight it provided into the particular preferences and proclivities of some of my favorite wine writers. 

Why do you recommend this article to others? There is no better way to better hone our writing skills than by reading a diverse array of literature that must go beyond wine. Reminding ourselves of other styles (and especially descriptors) is essential in order to prevent the industry from spiraling into a giant echo chamber of platitudes and monotonous missives. 

Jordan Carmack

Article: Your Work Is Not Your Life

Source: Inc.

Why did this article stand out to you? In a society where people are constantly being measured by their success, education, where they live, even their social media accounts I think it is important to stand back and remind ourselves that we are all “a work of progress” and it’s important to ask ourselves “What am I trying to accomplish?” “Where do I want to be?” “How can I get there?” It is so easy to be defined by what you do and things that you have in a particular moment that you can loose sight of the big picture.

Why do you recommend this article to others? I recommend this article to others because I think that many people struggle with focusing on purpose & perspective from time to time. I hope that this can be a friendly reminder to those who choose to read this article.

Nicola Evans

Article: How One Stupid Tweet Blew Up Justine Sacco’s Life

Source: The New York Times

Why did this article stand out to you? Unlike many other news articles which cover issues as they happen, this article takes an insightful retroactive look into the story of Justine Sacco, and how her life has gradually unraveled since her thoughtless tweet over a year ago lead to a huge public backlash on twitter. This article explores how social media movements against individuals have become more common, and whether these individuals really deserve to have their “lives ruined” – a consequence of this kind of internet shaming.

Why would you recommend this article to others? I think it is important to read this article for two reasons. The first is to realize that the people who end up being “trending topics” on Twitter are exactly that – people, who make mistakes like the rest of us. It is easy to dehumanize someone if everyone else on your newsfeed is doing just that, but in the case of Justine Sacco (and others) the punishment seems to be greater than the crime. The second takeaway from this article for me was how important it is to be careful on social media. Although something may be meant in jest, or even ironically, this tone can be easily misinterpreted over social media when the face-to-face aspect of interaction is absent.   

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