Miss Kristin Luna 

Miss Kristin Luna 

Kimberly Charles

My "Must Read": Camels & Chocolate Blog

Source: Kristin Luna

Why does this stand out to you? Rather than pick one of Kristin's many wonderful posts, I simply am recommending that you add this to your reader list in 2016.  Kristin is a tireless traveler, yogi, writer, home renovator and blogger. I don't know when she sleeps. Seriously, you feel as if you have big comfy slippers on with your best friend drinking hot toddies and laughing and living life to the brim when you read her posts.   She includes great travel advice around the world and also brings it home to her residence of Nashville with some great Southern charm.  You won't regret it! 


Pascaline Lepeltier

Pascaline Lepeltier

Alex Fondren

My "Must Read": Sommelière in New York

Source: The World of Fine Wine

Why does this stand out to you? An inspiring piece by one of the most influential sommeliers of the last 10 years on the meaning of hard work, tenacity and pushing boundaries in what used to be a very male-dominated profession. This is a must read for anyone just starting out in the wine industry and further proof that a career in wine can be one of the most fulfilling and academic pursuits for those willing to put in the time and energy. And as Pascaline reminds her readers, finding a few great mentors along the way doesn't hurt either. 


Photo Courtesy of Michael Lukaszewski

Photo Courtesy of Michael Lukaszewski

Ana Roselli

My “Must Read”: Three Numbers That Are Making a Huge Difference

Source: Michael Lukaszewski’s personal blog      

Why does this stand out to you? Michael Lukaszewski, former CEO of the Rocket Company article “Three Numbers That Are Making a Huge Difference”, strikes me by its simplicity and ideological power. Lukaszewski talks about the “3 Numbers Philosophy” which says that the numbers 10,000, 80/20, and 1 can be really impactful in ones life and business: Here is a short explanation:

10,000: 10,000 hours of practice are needed to become “world-class” at something. I couldn’t agree more; you definitely need to repeat something several times to master it.

80/20 the “Pareto Principle”: 80% of the world’s wealth is controlled by 20% of its population or 80% of our stress in life comes from 20% of our activities. Therefore, 20% of our efforts will generate 80% of our results. We must focus our energy on the things that will actually result into something valuable.

1: The number “1” represents focus. We must learn to prioritize and, according to Michael, you should only have 1 main goal at a time to each facet of your life. “What is the most important thing right now in your business or organization?”

With the fast approaching New Year, this is the time for resolutions and I am definitely going to try to integrate the “3 Numbers Philosophy” into my life!


Photo Courtesy of Rodale's Organic Life

Photo Courtesy of Rodale's Organic Life

Lauren Seward

My "Must Read": Tastemakers: Why We're Crazy for Cupcakes but Fed Up With Fondue

Source: Author David Sax

Why does this stand out to you? In a country full of proud consumers, we tend to forget why exactly we feel the need to buy the item we're waiting in a line down the block for. It's important to know both which and more important, how advertisements get to us in the first place. In a society that is also plagued by poor eating choices (think the fast food epidemic or crazy diet fads), it’s becoming more and more important to ask oneself "Why did I want this, again?" While some food trends form naturally over time, most are the strategic works of huge companies like Pepsi, McCormick, or a lucky leap of faith from an importer of foreign goods that saw a pattern in data. Rarely are these trends actually about wanting honest, good food. Sax shares insight into the main legs of what starts a trend (from a cultural, agricultural, chef, or health standpoint) and along the way introduces you to some big-hearted tastemakers across the country.


Photo Courtesy of NY Times

Photo Courtesy of NY Times

Andee McKenzie

My “Must Read”: The Woman Who Dresses Hollywood’s Leading Men

Source: New York Times

Why does this stand out to you? Ashley Weston is the go-to-gal when it comes to styling Hollywood’s male elite. Some of her current clients include Harrison Ford, Jon Hamm, Liev Schreiber, and Darren Criss. The most interesting thing about this article is Ashley’s interactions with her non-picky male clients. She says that “Men don’t want to keep trying in clothes, they trust people’s opinions.” As a former stylist, I had a lot of different types of clients ranging from people who knew they wanted Robin’s Egg blue shade number #324 to those who walked in the store open to try anything and everything. Most of my clients were women and an unfortunate part of the fashion industry is that trying on clothes can either be a confidence booster or self-esteem wrecker. The article stood out to me this month because it shows the less hectic and cruel side of the fashion industry by telling a simple, yet compelling story of a woman who truly enjoys her line of work.


Photo Courtesy of Higher Density

Photo Courtesy of Higher Density

Chris Woodyard

My "Must Read": The Holographic Universe

Source: Author Michael Talbot

Why does this stand out to you? Metaphysical Science has always been one of my favorite subjects. It is one of the driving forces behind technology, meditation practices, and even children’s imaginations. The book is about how the Universe may be a hologram that has been constructed, at least partially, by the human mind. It explains many of the unsolved puzzles of physics, occurrences in telepathy, out of body and near death experiences, lucid dreams and religion and mystical experiences. This book will quench your thirst for knowledge and open your eyes and mind to the wonders of the cosmos. 

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