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Logo for Josephine 

My "Must Read": Why I Quit Ordering from Uber for Food Start Ups

Source: The Atlantic

Why does this stand out to you?  I loved the thoughtfulness of this piece.  It explores the topic of food delivery which is on the rise for many busy working people during the day and evening hours. Comparing Sprig which delivers food to your office or residence vs. Josephine which is a network of home cooks who have you come to their kitchens to pick up food, the article addresses the impersonal and disconnected nature of delivering something nourishing to someone without having the connection with the person who made it.   The middleman i.e. the delivery person often is harried, exhausted, underpaid...the antithesis of the bonding that usually comes from the chef and the diner.   Josephine offers the opportunity to get out of the office, connect in a more compassionate way with the person who cooked for you and bring us closer as people.  It is truly what being sustainable and mindful is all about, caring about the people who help make our lives simpler, more pleasurable.  I like the writ large message in this piece of caring about provenance, showing kindness, not letting technology drive a wedge between us. 

Photo Courtesy of Etsy

Photo Courtesy of Etsy

Alex Fondren

My "Must Read": The Best Books for Wine Lovers

Source: WSJ 

Why does this stand out with you? 

Friends and colleagues who might be newer to wine are always asking me for wine book recommendations that might help serve as a good introduction to the wine industry. I never really know where to start (as the author of this article, Peter Hellman, points out, there are almost 170,000 wine book titles alone on Amazon). Of course, one of my favorites (and I agree that "If someone is to own just one wine book, Ms. Robinson's mighty effort, Oxford Companion to Wine is a fail- safe proposition") but I think going forward I will just send this article. It's a great overview of some of the smartest wine brains of 2015, and more than one will be on my holiday wish list!                  

Photo Courtesy of THISISDNY

Photo Courtesy of THISISDNY

Ana Roselli

My "Must Read": A Viral Poem Reminds Us To #PrayForParis And Pray For the Entire World 


Why does this stand out to you?I

In light of the recent terrorist attack in Paris, I reflected a lot upon the latest actions taken by humanity, or should I say humans since “humanity” is nowhere to be seen? I was deeply touched by a poem written by Karuna Ezara Parikh, a blogger from India, that went viral on social media. I choose to #PrayForTheWorld because it appears to be falling a part. We should be more evolved than simply replying to fire with more of it. We should not be so fast to judge and condemn others. We should be better critical thinkers and action takers. Paris is a call to reflection. Where is our humanity? Where are we going? How should the future look like? Let’s all take action for the change that we want to see in the world. 

Say a prayer for Paris by all means,

but pray more,

for the world that does not have a prayer

for those who no longer have a home to defend.

For a world that is falling apart in all corners,

And not simply in the towers and cafes we find so familiar.

- Karuna Ezara Parikh


Photo Courtesy of Instagram #GirlsAtDhabas

Photo Courtesy of Instagram #GirlsAtDhabas

Andee McKenzie

My "Must Read": #GirlsAtDhabas: Pakistani women take selfies in 'male' spaces to promote gender equality 

Source: Telegraph UK

Why does this stand out to you? Gender inequality is a persistent social problem, specifically as the world is primarily interpreted through a patriarchal lens. Sanghani's article focuses on Pakistan, a country in which women are heavily restricted in public spaces, and the game changing social media movement #GirlsAtDhabas. Dhabas refers to a local roadside cafe whose space is dominated by men and intolerant of female patrons. A few women decided enough was enough and took a selfie of themselves enjoying lunch at Dhabas, reclaiming the space for all women. After the #GirlsAtDhabas photo vent viral, women all over Pakistan started photographing themselves doing 'male' activities such as driving rickshaws or riding motorcycles. With all of the darkness that is happening around the world, it is both invigorating and inspiring to read a story of people taking back their lives and enjoying all it has to offer. 


Photo Courtesy of JazzTruth 

Photo Courtesy of JazzTruth 

Chris Woodyard

My "Must Read": The Music Lesson

Source: Google Books

Why does it stand out to you?  This book is about the philosophical approach to music and how musicians play it. Victor Wooten, a famous bass player from Tennessee, wrote the book which is now a part of many music schools' curriculum. When it comes to making music, its easy to get caught up think about what tempo to play in, which key and which instrument to play when it truly doesn't matter! Just play. Speak with your heart through your chosen instrument and let your mind conduct how the music should be played. Whether it's linear or abstract, its best to just let your fingers do the talking and allow the soundscapes to speak for itself.

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