All the Swirl "Must Reads"

By Charles Communications Staff

Each month we look back at the great food, beverage and lifestyle stories that caught our attention.


Kimberly Charles 

My “must read” is from: Wine & Spirits

Article: Drawing Conclusions: The Shape of Taste 

I've always been a fan of atypical learning modalities. I believe that native, emotional and learned intelligence all exist on an equal plane, yet we tend to give more credence to the latter. A particular fascination of mine is synesthesia, a neurological phenomenon wherein one takes in information through one cognitive pathway and it is processed via a second cognitive pathway, i.e. seeing numbers as colors when it comes to solving math problems. My dear friend and colleague Gilian Handelman works closely with the winemaking team at Jackson Family Estates to help them define taste by illustration, drawing their sensations and impressions to come up with how a wine is perceived in a very personalized way. I love any learning that stretches our comfort zones and found this piece in the Fall 2014 Wine & Spirits magazine extremely compelling. 

Jordan Carmack

 My “must read” is from: PR Daily

Article:  4 Yoga Principles That Can Be Applied to PR

As we approach the end of 2014, it is common for people to take an inventory of sorts of the past year and to create positive intentions for the upcoming year. This article posted on PR Daily reminds us to go back to the basics. Whether you are focusing on creating new habits or simply remembering the fundamentals it's a good idea to get focused and realigned to take on 2015!

Alex Fondren

My “must read” is from: The Atlantic

Article: The Roots of #IllRideWithYou: How the recent hostage crisis in Sydney spawned a social-media movement against anti-Muslim intolerance

This story is an inspiring display of humanity in the face of tragic intolerance. The Atlantic explores how Sydney siders managed to resolutely replace a hostage story of hatred and terror with a touching narrative of compassion and hope - all with a simple a hashtag: #IllRideWithYou – another example of the power of social media and its use as a modern-day weapon against intolerance.

Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 3.27.32 PM.png

Kathleen Pizzo

My “must read” is from: The New York Times

Article: Know Thyself – Really

In the past, philosophy has had plenty to say about the sources, extent and importance of substantial “self-knowledge,” but now they have other concerns: If you believe something, how do you know that, that is what you believe?

The challenge few philosophers have risen to, is to develop a philosophy of self-knowledge that both engages with some of the questions about self-knowledge (which few people outside of academia actually care about) and operates with a realistic picture of what real human beings are like.

I was inspired to share this article because a friend recently suggested to me that we aren’t really much of our own person—that everything we know and act upon is a repetition of previous experiences learned from other people and this article touches upon this viewpoint.

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