Staff Resolutions

This time of year, New Years always seems to sneak up on you when you weren't expecting it. After months of preparation for Halloween, Dia de los Muertos, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, we always seem to be thrown off by the fact that the New Year is upon us! Looking back on a productive, fulfilling year, our staff reflects on what we thought 2015 would bring each of us, what actually happened, and who we hope to be this time next year when we answer that tricky question: what is your New Year's resolution?  We are calling this year #Sweet16 - so the intention is set. 

Kimberly Charles

Kimberly enjoying some much needed time on the beach.

Kimberly enjoying some much needed time on the beach.

Your Resolution from last year: Last year, our team focused on what we were grateful for as a team vs. resolutions per se.  I talked about incorporating more creativity via photography into my daily life and that did indeed occur, I'm happy to say. 

Did you achieve it? Yes, 4,000 photos in 2015.  I think that's a good start. 

Personal resolution for the New Year: Thank my body for supporting me all these years and balance out how kind it's been to me, with a more mindful appreciation of it. That means, more yoga (already off to a great start with a six week intensive every day at 6 AM), more water, more sleep, more stretching, less weight to carry and elevating my sense of well-being.    

Work Resolution: Much like the focus with physical health which involves mindfulness and discipline, zoom in even more on the projects we undertake and only accept those that fulfill, stimulate and excite us. It's easy to say yes to big paying projects but if your heart isn't in it, it won't work. Not to say they can't be mutually exclusive. Here's to more inspiration at work, great collaboration and literal/metaphoric prosperity. 

One exciting thing you must try/do during 2016: Surfing. It's been on the list for a few years. So many friends do it, I'd like to deepen my love for all things aquatic and find zen on a board. Also a possible move to the beach near San Francisco, both my beau and I feel more centered when we're near water.  It helps keep perspective and is a great metaphor for how the same place can be different in subtle ways.   Keeps you keen. 


Alex Fondren

Your Resolution from last year: To start saying "no" more often in order to achieve more balance in my life and spend more time doing what's most important to me, with the people I care about the most. 

Alex and her favorite red drink.

Alex and her favorite red drink.

Did you achieve it? It's hard to measure, but I got closer to achieving it than I thought I would be able to. 

Personal resolution for the New Year: Read one good book per month.

Work Resolution: Book one good read per month :) Also to prioritize more creative time for strategic planning, research and writing. 

One exciting thing you must try/do during 2016: Take my mom on a much-needed adventure. I have one in mind already and I can't wait to surprise her over the holiday!


Ana Roselli

Your Resolution from last year: Get my Masters Degree in Social Entrepreneurship and get a job in the U.S. afterwards.

Ana (right) at her much deserved graduation.

Ana (right) at her much deserved graduation.

Did you achieve it? Yes I did! I graduated in August and I was hired full time by Charles Communications Associates.

Personal resolution for the New Year: Try to not allow stress to get over my head, living one day at a time.

Work Resolution: Get a Visa that allows me to stay and work in U.S. for a longer period than the license that I hold right now.

One exciting thing you must try/do during 2016: I would love to try skydiving!


Lauren Seward

Your Resolution from last year: Become comfortable using (and actually use) the DSLR camera I had bought months ago for a photojournalism class.

Did you achieve it? Not exactly... But I ended up taking a videojournalism class that sparked my visual storytelling interests much more than any photo I'd ever taken had.

Lauren (right) and her best friend NYE 2014.

Lauren (right) and her best friend NYE 2014.

Personal resolution for the New Year: Find a hobby that I really, really enjoy and am not afraid to spend money on. My other hobbies are either too expensive or not addictive enough, and I haven't had much luck in the past months. I've just got to put in more effort!

Work Resolution: Get to know more about our clients. I want to know the people that we're representing - not just the names, addresses, and their products. I also want to learn more about the consumers and learn how we can keep connecting with them more closely in our communication. 

One exciting thing you must try/do during 2016: I'd like to try snorkeling somewhere. My best friend is getting married (!!!) in Hawaii next spring, and I want to be prepared for the creatures that await undersea.

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