All the Swirl "Must Reads"

By Charles Communications Staff

Kimberly Charles

Article: I am re-reading a book I appreciate called The HIP Investor by R.Paul Herman

Why did this article stand out to you? As a long time advocate of walking the walk and talking the talk when it comes to sustainability, I learned of Paul's index measuring Human Interest and Profit concurrently when it was first being created.  It is now a new index used by Wall Street and others to evaluate a company's bottom line taking people, planet and profitability into account.

Why do you recommend this article to others? It is exciting to be in a world where we can directly affect change with where we invest our money be it the markets or in products.   Having just finished the History Channel's documentary on The Men Who Built America, it's great to see how far we've come with businesses small to large being able to effect change and consumer choice.

Alex Fondren

ArticleJon Stewart: Why I quit The Daily Show

Source: The Guardian

Why did this article stand out to you?  If you're anything like me you were also mildly heartbroken to hear the news that Jon Stewart decided to end his 16-year tenure on The Daily Show. There are few television shows I watch regularly, but as someone who has always been fascinated with the symbiosis between democracy and news media, The Daily Show offered a nightly 30-minute modicum of relief from the madness of 24-hour ideological rants that are increasingly presented to us as "news". Having spent time in Washington DC's CNN bureau it was hilarious to see just how feared Jon Stewart was by almost every reporter in the newsroom - no one has come as close to holding journalists so accountable. (Howard Kurtz only wishes he were as relevant!)

Why do you recommend this article to others?  recommend this to anyone who doesn't believe satire has a critical place in politics. Thomas Jefferson said, "The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers." When it comes to politics, this often rings even truer today with the increased customization of our news. Granted The Daily Show has its own ideological brand, but the freedom Jon Stewart has as a 'comedian' has liberated him with the freedom to speak more honestly about corruption, hypocrisy and injustice than almost any traditional newscaster ever has. And most importantly he did it with more humility and, as the article points out, more "New Jersey grit" than his detractors ever gave him credit for. Those who've watched him over the years know he's about the furthest thing from a 'left-wing elitist' you can get. Politics - and perhaps more importantly, the media that cover the political beat- will not be the same without him. 

 Jordan Carmack

Article: David Brooks - The Moral Bucket List

Source: New York Times

Why did this article stand out to you? Anyone who regularly reads our monthly ‘Must Reads’ can gather that I am a strong believer in self-improvement. I apply the ‘reap what you sow’ mentality to almost all aspects of my life. Any time I come across an article that promises to give me some insight on how I can grow as an individual or be a better person I typically gobble it up and assess where I can use it to grow. This article goes beyond the traditional virtues and morals ingrained in American culture almost everywhere we go. Brooks describes, “The résumé virtues are the skills you bring to the marketplace. The eulogy virtues are the ones that are talked about at your funeral — whether you were kind, brave, honest or faithful.”

Why do you recommend this article to others?  I believe Brooks’ piece is a great reminder of the things that really matter in a person’s life. It’s a cue that being “good” isn’t about being better than others, it’s about being better then you used to be yesterday or a month ago.

 Tiffany Nice

Article: The Dying Sea: What will California sacrifice to survive the drought?

Source: The New Yorker

Why did this article stand out to you? With Earth Day and the Governor's conservation order issued earlier this month, it was impossible not to give this issue your attention in April. And let's be honest - everyone (Californians and beyond) should be taking notice and making changes.  

Why do you recommend this article to others? he article provides a lot of good context on how different corners of the state are affected by the drought, touches on how dependent other parts of the country and world are on California agriculture, highlights the devastating impact on various ecosystems, and reviews the historical milestones that have shaped an increasingly urgent situation today. There are lots of sobering facts; anecdotes and potential scenarios presented that together make up a very important read. Once you get through it, I'd also recommend having a more uplifting article on hand as a chaser -- for the sake of perspective and balance. :)   

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