Day 10: Sunday, Los Vascos

Sunday morning we awoke in our room-fit-for-a-king at Los Vascos. We enjoyed breakfast outside and then decided to drive to Santa Cruz, the small town nearby. The city is very poor, with many old, run-down homes, shacks almost – there are horse drawn carts and farm animals in every yard. In the main city area, there are churches and small shops and restaurants. We walked around the Santa Cruz hotel area. Most tourist stores had jewelry made of Lapislazoulie, a regional stone that is dark sea blue. We bought some for all the ladies in our life. Upon return I went for a quick run through the vineyards, which was amazing. Sometimes running is the best way to get to know an area or appreciate the beauty and peacefulness of where you are. We then enjoyed lunch with Alfredo & his wife, followed by a nice siesta. The afternoon was spent with the row boat on the small lake, until Alfredo and his wife came to tell us that they were leaving, but that we would enjoy dinner that night with the Mexican group visiting. Oh dear, we thought. Dinner with strangers and we speak, no Spanish! We were a bit nervous, but showered and relaxed on our patio, waiting for dinner. At dinner, we met the group of wholesalers and representatives from Mexico and Urugray. At least 3 of them spoke English very well and they turned out to be some of the funniest and enjoyable people we’d met! The evening went on for a while, then Mike and I excused ourselves due to an early morning appointment. It was sad to know we were to leave the incredible Los Vascos home, but we knew the day to follow, our last day, would be amazing as well.