Biking Through the Bay


No one wants to look like a tourist in their own backyard.

For my good friend Katie's recent birthday, we decided to rent bikes and bike from Pier 39 to Tiburon. A hearty brunch would await us at Sam's, and we would take the ferry back to San Francisco. The bike ride is advertised as a leisurely weekend activity that anyone can partake in! From the Blazing Saddles website

"It's easy pedaling on the new and scenic National Park Bike Path from Fisherman's Wharf to the Golden Gate Bridge. You'll cross the bridge on the sidewalk, then coast downhill into Sausalito for fabulous seaside dining before catching the ferry back to San Francisco. But if you haven't had enough fun, the ride only gets better from there! Visit some of the world's tallest trees in Old Mill Park and continue along the Bay to the picturesque town of Tiburon from where you can also relax on the ferry back to San Francisco."

Here, we look leisurely:


Then came the inclines....


What they don't tell you is that the "easy pedaling" to get on the GGB is in fact difficult, uphill, and alongside traffic! Fortunately, the GGB was lovely. It was not too windy and it was a gorgeous day. I think if I was driving on the GGB and watching myself slowly pedal my way to the other end, with the real cyclists blowing by screaming "LEFT", I would have had a great laugh.

Sausalito was also gorgeous and could not have been more cheery. I badly wanted to stop at Horizons and take the ferry back from Sausalito to Pier 39. But it was not going to be me, the girl with Britney Spears blasting via Blackberry from the fannypack of the bike, to throw up the white flag.

We finally arrived in Tiburon, pedaling up and down hills in residential Tiburon, not knowing if we were going to end up at San Quentin or at Sam's, which I was convinced was simply a mirage.

Shout out to Blazing Saddles for taking care of our bike rental needs. But don't count on them to tell you what you are getting yourself into. Why they give you a choice to wear a helmet or not is beyond me.

Another shout out to Emily for the great photos. If not for her apathy to appearing like a tourist, we would not have proof that we survived this feat!

Our amazing view from the Ferry....