All the Swirl "Must Reads"

By Charles Communications Staff

Kimberly Charles

Book: The One Thing Holding You Back by Raphael Cushnir

Why did this article stand out to you? I'm a fan of business books and love learning more about collaboration, leadership, and best practices. I've been studying leadership styles for sometime and I'm a yoga practitioner so finding a spiritually grounded book to discuss personal evolution and development both in one's home and work life is a win-win for me.

Why do you recommend this article to others? I recommend this because we are all works in progress and humility is highly underrated. De-programming oneself to then in turn be ready to learn and receive and grow is what it is all about for me!   

Alex Fondren

Article: No Big Money Or TV Ads — What's With The U.K.'s Low-Key Election?

Source: NPR

Why did this article stand out to you? This NPR piece originally aired on All Things Considered and offers a unique look into how another major democracy (the UK) handles their electoral process - without the millions of dollars that the U.S. is accustomed to experiencing in the form of intrusive ads and increasingly influential PACs. 

Why do you recommend this article to others? 

We need to be reminded that there are other ways to be a 'democracy' and that just because we're used to certain customs and processes that doesn't make them the most effective. What the Supreme Court deems 'free speech' in this country may not apply elsewhere, and the British electoral process offers a stark reminder to look outward when attempting to fix a broken system. That reminder can apply to all sectors, not just politics.

 Tiffany Nice

ArticleHow One Company Convinced Anthony Bourdain to Shill as it Rebrands Scotch 

Source: Fast Company

Why did this article stand out to you? "Shill" is not a happy word in our profession -- but once I moved beyond that, I was intrigued. Any time that marketers are thinking differently and approaching things in a creative way, I'm all ears. The team at Balvenie took a risk by approaching Bourdain in the first place, and they did it in a smart way. Bourdain gets more deeply involved in something he is passionate about, and Balvenie tethers their brand to a movement and a personality that resonates with a younger crowd. 

Why do you recommend it to others? I'm a big fan of Fast Company, and enjoy their MCP (Most Creative People) series where this article appears. Aside from being a good reminder of what can happen when a brand shifts its approach, there are also some interesting takeaways about brand evolution here. Sometimes, that evolution is intentional, and other times it happens by chance. Successful marketers are nimble and always ready for both. 

 Jordan Carmack

Article:  The Entrepreneur Lighting Up Communities in Need


Why did this article stand out to you? This article stood out to me because at its core it is simply a story about people helping other people and I don’t feel that we see enough of these articles.

Why do you recommend this article to others? I recommend this article because it highlights a company that saw a problem and created a solution for that problem. They were able to help others while also turning a profit AND this solution will benefit the environment. I hope that by sharing this article it inspires others to act on their ideas, or to create something meaningful; something that helps others and our environment. At the end of the day we are all in this thing called life together and we should be supporting each other and this planet in any way we can.

Jonathan Cristaldi

Article: Way, Way, Way Up: Tasting Wine with a Billionaire at 30,000 Feet


Why did this article stand out to you? I know this is against the rules, but this is an article I penned recently for First We Feast and so, yes, I am caught red-handed, self-promoting, but hear me out... 

Why do you recommend this article to others? How often does an opportunity come along to actually think about wine while on a private jet, hanging out with the owner of one of the most modern and progressive wineries in all of New Zealand? Also, I interviewed Tim Hanni, MW and he makes the case for why wine tastes different at higher altitudes, while also lending some zingers that drive home is rather hilarious points. So, if you're curious about this at all, and want some solid quotes to hurl at friends who are skeptical about how wine changes in a plane, read this and commit some of the comments to memory. Just be sure you're sitting in first class, otherwise you'll probably get an elbow from your coach-class seat mate who thinks wine "is for sissies." 

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