Street Food is the New ‘Fast Food’


By Skye Morgan A year ago, I would have walked past a food truck without thinking twice. The only thought on my mind was ‘I don’t want food poisoning!’ Man, was I ignorant. Street food is the new and improved substitute for fast food. When I say fast food, I mean the hamburger joints where it costs you $5 for a meal and you don’t know if the meat is actual beef. Food trucks (or street food) tend to use sustainable and local ingredients and offer more uncommon dishes.  In addition, the food usually has some kind of cultural influence, so you can truly taste authenticity in every bite.

Street food is the latest trend in larger cities. The street vendors attract a more diverse crowd and are a great alternative during these harder economic times. The dishes range from $2-$8. You can get the most satisfying meal of your life for under $10! That’s a bargain. Within the last year, food trucks having been promoting themselves through Twitter. By following them, you can find out their whereabouts, their hours of operation (which varies depending on location) and special deals. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to eat out. By supporting food trucks, you are supporting your local community and economy.

Living in San Francisco definitely has it perks. You’re exposed to so many different events everyday! However, out of the several events going on this past Saturday, I decided to attend the San Francisco Street Food Festival. What a day it was! With over 70 vendors from all over the nation, inevitably, it was crowded— but the food was well worth it. And even though I chose those vendors with the shortest lines, I still enjoyed exceptional food.

Each dish oozed flavor with different spices, meats and vegetables. Even with 30-minute long lines, people were enjoying themselves by discussing the various cuisines they had tried and exchanging their opinions with new friends. It was a day of great fulfillment (literally). I wanted to try something at every table, but by the seventh booth, I had to stop. Check out some of my favorite dishes from the event. Let us know if you’ve eaten at any of these food trucks and enjoyed them as much as I did!