Keep Your Pants On!

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By Samantha Kane As part of my position here at CCA I develop strategic collaborations for our clients to sponsor events and partner with lifestyle brands. One of our clients, Wente Vineyards, has had the opportunity to work with Levi’s on numerous occasions. Last night, Wente Vineyards sponsored a Levi & Strauss event during which they previewed the fall collection and discussed how their vintage archives inspire their designs.

I arrived in the house of denim with one goal in mind: to see the new fall line of the most iconic brand in denim history, Levis. But first things first, I needed a drink to help me ease into the fashion mood. With a glass of Wente Vineyards Morning Fog Chardonnay in hand, I headed in and was not disappointed by what I saw.

I was dazzled by a beautiful fall line with a New Mexican flare played nicely among a group of fashionistas. The Native American colors and images on the iconic jean jackets were well received, but my heart yearned for a special jean jacket hidden among the sea of denim embroidered on the back with the words “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken”.  A quote I can live by!

The highlight of my night arrived in the vault of Levi’s. The curator started her presentation by introducingthe crowd to a pair of jeans from 1879. Impressive, right? As if there needed to be icing on the cake to the world’s oldest pair of denim, the crowd was baffled when she proclaimed that the jeans had a net worth of over $150,000. Diesel, eat your heart out —  you'll never have this type of history!

Next up was some denim history for the ladies, a 1904 pair of lady levis designed for women tending to their ranch. I never new that Levi’s was on the forefront of progressive women’s fashion even in the beginning of the 20th century.

Following my little lesson in Levi’s denim history, I took a stroll over to the jean jacket carousel where I took a gander at some custom celebrity jackets. From Oscar De La Renta, to the Spice Girls, it seems that all of the big stars couldn’t keep their hands of a classic denim jacket.

Pick me up a pair of Levis jeans, because after seeing denim history from the side of Levis, I'm a fanatic.