Fourth of July Food & Beverage Pairings

Here at Charles Communications Associates, the Fourth of July is about a lot more than Independence: it's a holiday all about food, fireworks, festivities and, of course, libations. This week on All the Swirl, the CCA team shares our favorite food and beverage pairings to revel in this long weekend.

Kimberly Charles

@cbrulee @MacGeraghty

@cbrulee @MacGeraghty

Food: All beef Giants hot dog served up at AT&T Park, home of three time world series champions #SFGiants 

Beverage: A Tommy's Margarita made with 100% agave Tequila, preference El Tesoro Platinum

Story: Yes, it's a classic, but we love our team in San Francisco. The 4th means baseball to me. The SF Giants are a collection of personalities and incredible talent, dubbed "freaks" by more staid baseball announcers, but we love our boys for their athleticism and unabashed originality.   I grew up in Hawaii, the South and Europe, in towns where there weren't major baseball teams, so it wasn't until I moved to San Francisco that I caught the fever.  We love nothing more than cheering for our boys in orange and enjoying the array of dishes at AT&T Park.  Our city is so serious about food that each year our food critics review the new culinary offerings at or near the park. You can slum it with a 100% Beef Hot Dog or go very upscale with the Porcini donuts from Rich Table.

Alex Fondren


Food: Med-rare BBQ cheeseburger, hot off the grill with mustard, lettuce & onion

Beverage: Aperol Spritz

Story: Probably not a classic pairing, but both scream summer to me. And the color is closer to the actual Fourth of July red than most red wine :)  Plus beer somehow seems less appealing when imbibing in a bathing suit.




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Food: Alton Brown's angel food cake

Beverage: Strawberry shrub cocktail

Story: To me, the Fourth of July means angel food cake. While my family used to buy one from Safeway (don’t get me wrong - it’s pretty darn good), nowadays I prefer to make my own. That fluffy perfection warm out of the oven, slathered in whipped cream and fresh strawberries is synonymous with summer. While sparkling apple cider used to be my pairing, I prefer something sweet tart, but equally refreshing: a strawberry shrub cocktail, preferably in slushie form.

Anthony Salazar

A Spanish, a German and a Filipino celebrating their first 4th of July in Lake Tahoe. #blessed

A Spanish, a German and a Filipino celebrating their first 4th of July in Lake Tahoe. #blessed

Food: Dry rub ribs with grilled bacon

Beverage: Sparkling cucumber mojito

Story: First of all, I love my meat. It may not be the ideal pairing but this will always remind me of my very first Fourth of July celebration last year. I got down and dirty with my ribs and bacon (as you must), yet kept it classy with my Sparkling Cucumber Mojito. This is the reason I can never be vegan. #meatsweats #basicbruh




Jules Lydon

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Food: Steak and grilled zucchini with watermelon

Beverage: Black iced tea with a lemon wedge 

Story: Fourth of July isn't complete without watermelon and iced tea. The steak and zucchini may not be the most typical, (I'm looking at you hamburger...) but it's the most personally nostalgic. My ideal fourth of July includes my dad grilling these on our barbecue, surrounded by family and my adorable cousins.




Food: Grilled cheese

Beverage: Syrah

Story: On the Fourth, my family prepares simple and notoriously American dishes: hamburgers, hotdogs, chili...But my all time favorite is the grilled cheese. My dad's preferred fillings were mozzarella, fontina, and gruyere (not to mention bacon and a fresh tomato slice). A flavorful Syrah with hints of fig and pepper would pair nicely with the richness of the cheeses and bacon (my own addition). 

Greer Shull

Food: BBQ

Beverage: Red wine blend

Story: Almost every year my family celebrates the Fourth of July by doing a big BBQ with family and friends. Nothing goes better with home made tri-tip, chicken, and garlic bread than a big, red wine blend! 


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