All The Swirl "Must Reads", June 2016

Photo Courtesy of Zester Daily (Tina Caputo)

Photo Courtesy of Zester Daily (Tina Caputo)

Kimberly Charles

My "must read" is from: Zester Daily  

Article: Spanish Priorat Vineyard Gets Probiotic Boost

Author: Tina Caputo 

 Why is this a must read? After my first yoga class in New York City in the late 1980s at what was then a low key institution where nary a Lululemon article of clothing was found, I've been drawn to the holistic healing ways of alternative medicine (which needs a new name by the way).   I've always upheld that prevention is the best way to proceed on life's uncertain path of health and well being, and it's not a guarantee, but I can't argue with the prevailing underpinnings of looking at the whole not the parts of wellness.   It's been encouraging despite conventional medicine's inherent fear of non-traditional approaches, to see many more people in the world practicing yoga, mindfulness and embracing "the best defense is a good offense" approach when it comes to health.   So, why not vineyards?   Long before I established Charles Communications Associates thirteen years ago, I was a believer in organic and biodynamic vineyard practices.   A large majority of our clients are minimally sustainable, if not organic and given my thirst for more knowledge on the subject, I was pleased to read about this approach to an ancient vine vineyard in Spain.   It makes sense that much like our bodies as we age, a grapevine faces some of the same challenges.   Tina has always been an ace writer and reporter, bringing stories to life and to a wider audience with her take on a subject.  

Photo Courtesy of The New York Times

Photo Courtesy of The New York Times

Alex Fondren

My "must read" is from:  The New York Times

Article: Not Forgotten: Tough Questions for Both Sides from Tim Russert

Author:  Daniel E. Slotnik

Why is this a must read?  Tim Russert was always a hero of mine, and I give him much of the credit for inspiring many of the stops along my career path.  Following his untimely death in June 2008, this New York Times piece serves as wonderful reflection on his life and time as NBC's 'Meet the Press' moderator.  Tim Russert was the kind of journalist I fear we may never see again.  Brilliant, impartial, trusted and tough, he was perhaps the most effective interviewer in a generation.  But he was also an ‘everyman,’ the son of a garbage collector, practicing Catholic, a proud family-man (his widow is Vanity Fair correspondent Maureen Orth and his doppelgänger son Luke is now a frequent commentator for MSNBC) with an unwavering twinkle in his eye -  especially if Buffalo Bills were in the playoffs.  His humility belied the seriousness with which he took his responsibility to the American electorate.  I had the honor to meet him when he testified at the Scooter Libby trial, which I covered as a young intern at CNN.  In spite of his clear disgust at having to be there (amid the journalistic interrogations that had preceded with the whole Judith Miller/Valerie Plame ordeal), he handled the entire situation with his trademark grace.  I still miss him every Sunday:  "At a time when partisan divides seem insurmountable, Democrats and Republicans could agree on Tim Russert, the longest-serving host of NBC’s 'Meet the Press.' By turns they were wary and fond of him and always on their toes under his tough questioning on Sunday mornings." In his favorite MTP closing words, 'Go Bills.'

Photo Courtesy of Gastropod

Photo Courtesy of Gastropod

Hillary Lyons

My "must listen" is from:  Gastropod

Podcast: Museums & the Mafia: the Secret History of Citrus

Author: Cynthia Graber & Nicola Twilley

Why is this a must listen?  I love podcasts. I’m always eager to learn and if I can turn my morning commute or jog into an educational experience, all the better. I love Gastropod because it takes seemingly mundane topics in the world of food—from seaweed to citrus—and imbues them with a mystique, a reverence almost, for culinary anthropology. I love this episode in particular because it unveils the dark history behind large-scale citrus farming, and expounds on the limitless diversity of this family. Perhaps more criminal than the Mafia backing of the early global citrus market is our contemporary ignorance of nature’s biodiversity, our penchant for the dependable handful of species that constitute our diets at the expense of variety. Thankfully, people like Cynthia and Nicola are restoring dignity to lesser-known species, and educating their listeners to look beyond the plate and into our gastronomic past.

Photo Courtesy of Time

Photo Courtesy of Time

Anthony Salazar

My "must read" is from: Time

Article: How to Get Your Kids Interested in Theatre - and Why

Author: Carey Wallace

Why is this a must read? I grew up performing in theatre; from singing to acting to dancing.Watching musicals or theatre shows has been a hobby of mine since I can remember. Theatre is an activity I grew up loving and I would like to thank my parents for it. I was raised in the Philippines where theatre is not a typical summer camp activity. I can still recall the argument between my parents: my mom supported me in pursuing theatre while my dad insisted that I join a basketball clinic. My mom, being a theatre fan herself, always wanted one of her kids to be on the stage. The first show I ever saw with her was Miss Saigon and it was one of my best childhood memories. It was in theatre where I learned to express myself and unleash my creativity. Theatre was my safe place when I was young. It was on the stage where I was able to embrace who I really am, to be imaginative, to empathize, and to let myself escape to another world.

Photo Courtesy of USA Today

Photo Courtesy of USA Today

Jules Lydon

My "must read" is from:  USA Today

Article: Rainn Wilson on life as 'The Bassoon King'

Author: Jaleesa M. Jones 

Why is this a must read?  Celebrities are frequently overshadowed by the characters they play, so I find celebrity memoirs fascinating. I started watching The Office back in 2010, and I love Rainn Wilson's flawless yet original adaptation of Dwight Schrute from the original British sitcom character, Gareth Keenan (played by Mackenzie Crook.) However, I never knew that Rainn's iconic role as Dwight took several years of failed pilots, abandoned Bahá’i faith, and even substance addiction until he reconnected with his inner sense of spirituality, ultimately creating the organization Soul Pancake. I listened to this memoir on Audible during my commute to the Charles Communications Associates San Francisco office and I recommend everyone give it a listen. He not only gave me an occasional chuckle (thus prompting confused looks from fellow BART passengers), but instilled a yearning for my own self exploration.

Photo Courtesy of San Francisco Chronicle

Photo Courtesy of San Francisco Chronicle

Samantha Foxworthy

My "must read" is from: The San Francisco Chronicle 

Article:  Syjuco Discovers the Colors of 'Neutrality'

Author: Charles Desmarais

Why is this a must read? I recently visited the Catharine Clark Gallery in San Francisco; and this particular visual art piece designed by Filipino artist, Stephanie Syjuco, stuck with me. This article does a fantastic job at capturing the significance of her display in terms of exploring cultural appropriation and the effects of imperialism on pre-existing cultures. I love this article because it illustrates a relevant social issue through skillful execution. Additionally, the artwork is amazing because it explains this issue along with the impact its had on the artist by employing expression without language. 

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