Gwendolyn's Trip to Chile

This is a story of my trip through Chile. My boyfriend, Mike, and I decided last Christmas to visit the beach and do a bit of wine touring in the country, we soon discovered that our miles could not take us to Australia or New Zealand. But our second choice turned out to be for the best. We decided to make our trip to just one specific area of Chile—a very long country. First, we’d spend 5 days in Vina del Mar, a beachside town near Santiago. Then, 2 city days in Santiago, with some day trips to wine country. And finally, a few nights near Santa Cruz, a small town in the Maipo/Colchagua Valley area surrounded by beautiful vineyards and many wineries. Mike, who works for, was able to help set up a few appointments for us enabling us to visit and view some of the top wineries. The vineyards and people were lovely. And while weather did not always agree, the trip overall was a success.