All the Swirl "Must Reads"

By Charles Communications Staff

Alex Fondren

Article: "7 short books that are worth more than an MBA"

Why did this article stand out to you? I've read many of these books (and several of the rest have been on my list for some time). All that I've read have been incredibly instructive and inspiring (and practically free compared to a similar lesson in business school!).

Why do you recommend this article to others? We can all benefit from a bit more insight into our own strengths and weaknesses - how to utilize the former and improve upon the latter. Many of my peers think an MBA is the answer to their entrepreneurial or managerial insecurities, but I think these books can offer more than most "business" courses I've ever taken.

Jordan Carmack

Article: How Jessica Alba Built A $1 Billion Company, And $200 Million, Selling Parents Peace Of Mind

Source: Forbes

Why did this article stand out to you? I enjoy reading about individuals who are successful in new ventures they feel strongly about. I believe it is a rare breed and it reminds me that human beings are capable of amazing things. I aspire to be one of those people who are committed to always evolving.

Why do you recommend this article to others?  I recommend this article to others because it can be very easy to be swayed into taking a shortcut or having your current situation define the end of your story and it doesn't have to be that way.


Why did this article stand out to you? This article drew me in with its focus on connecting with customers through highlighting values and purpose along with the artisanal, handmade qualities of a product and the personalities behind them. Beyond that, there's a "back-to-basics" message here about the loss of quality and value that often happens with consumer products as companies get overly focused on the bottom line and attempting to deliver all things to all people.   

Why do you recommend this article to others? The article profiles companies who've flipped the traditional approach to selling consumer products on its head and examines how leading companies are reinventing the retail model across brick-and-mortar, mobile and online channels.  Overall, an interesting review of how those worlds have changed dramatically in recent years, and how things are likely to continue to evolve and converge to strike the right balance with customers. 

Ana Roselli

Article: Why Generation Y Yuppies Are Unhappy

Source:  Huffington Post

Why did this article stand out to you? I read this article a couple of years ago and it never got out of my mind. It is an analysis of the Y generation and their pursuit for happiness. There is a great discussion about expectations, success and how the new social media phenomena contributes to an unsatisfied generation. I identified myself with the profile described there several times and it provided me with a great reflection about my own perception and attitude. 

Why do you recommend this article to others? I recommend it because although it is about a specific generation, I believe the persona in the article is spread throughout many social groups. Also, we deal with many generations in our daily lives and it could be a good insight to understand a little bit more about how one of them sees the world around them so that their attitudes could be better comprehended. Finally, a good discussion about happiness and expectations is always welcome!

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