10 Medium Intensity Questions with Stephy Terrizzi

Photo credit: Kent Hanson

Photo credit: Kent Hanson

Stephy Terrizzi, co-owner and viticulturist for Broadside Wines, is an advocate of bio-organic viticulture in Paso Robles and the central coast of California, leading by example to steer many growers toward organic, sustainable farming and certifications. Together with her winemaking husband, Brian Terrizzi, this wine industry power couple is behind multiple award-winning wines from their Broadside and Giornata wine labels. This sparkplug of a woman takes a quick breather to answer Ten Medium Intensity Questions about her personality and style.  Notably, Stephy was recently featured in The Drinks Business' “Wonder Women: 10 Female California Winemakers to Watch.

1.    As a child, you collected… 

Napkins and matchbooks.

2.    Name a book that has had the most impact on your life? 

South of No North” by Charles Bukowski.

3.    Recall the biggest and best mistake you ever made and what you learned from it. 

I made a cruel and thoughtless comment to another girl in 3rd grade.  It ruined our friendship.  I have always regretted it, and learned that being kind always trumps being right.

4.    Cabin in the woods or penthouse in the city and why?  

Cabin in the woods.  I need space and quiet.

5.    What do you think about a future with driverless cars?  

Awesome.  All powerful science and technology comes with fear – I am sure there will be several moves where things go wrong.

6.    In 10 years how do you predict technology will change winemaking?   

Making wine has been around for a couple thousand years.  I couldn’t imagine anything revolutionary in the next ten years.  I do hope there is a machine invented with sensors that can detect faulty corks before they are used for bottling.  Seriously, there is an app for almost everything!

7.    Bacon or sausage? 

Bacon by a landslide.

8.    Most memorable bottle of wine you made?  

2007 Giornata Sangiovese.

Stephy and her husband, Brian, winemaker and co-owner of  Broadside Wines   Photo credit: Kent Hanson

Stephy and her husband, Brian, winemaker and co-owner of Broadside Wines

Photo credit: Kent Hanson

9.    If you weren't a winegrower, what career path might you have followed?  

Chemist or Geneticist.

10. Name one thing every person should try at least once. 

Facing a fear.