An Inside Look at an Intern’s Experience at CCA

I was recently part of the internship program at Charles Communications Associates (CCA) and New Door Ventures (New Door) an organization that CCA has worked with for the past four years. New Door is an organization that “helps disconnected youth get ready for work and life.” It is through this organization that I got to intern with Charles Communications Associates. New Door has helped me in my job search and career development and I’m grateful and this wonderful opportunity. 

New Door is a non-profit organization that provides job-readiness training, internship opportunities, and case management to assist youth aged 17-24. In 2008, it launched the Ally program, which created partnerships with local businesses to provide jobs and internships for the youth. Nowadays, New Door has provided more than 180 paid internships and continues to serve more than 300 youth annually. Charles Communications Associates participates in the Ally program and I have been with the company for 3 months as their spring intern.

Prior to joining the CCA team, I attended a 2-week orientation to learn about the basics of going into the job market and develop job readiness. I also attended weekly workshops at New Door throughout the internship period. These workshops helped us further develop our work professionalism and life skills.

Joy with her New Door Venture colleagues 

Joy with her New Door Venture colleagues 

My internship with CCA was great. Interning here gave me the opportunity to gain understanding of the Marketing and Public Relations fields. Previously, I had interned within various industries including fashion, hospitality and retail.

A typical day here in the CCA office is fast-paced; the staff is focused and diligent. My favorite part of working at CCA, besides learning, was the weekly staff lunch meeting and wine tastings. Once a week, the team meets for a group lunch that provided the opportunity to discuss weekly updates for the company, its clients and everybody’s work status. It was pleasant to have lunch together and keep current and share ideas.   Oftentimes companies are too busy to share and break bread together.  I give CCA high kudos for being so mindful.

Besides work, our staff took the extra time to celebrate birthdays and special occasions. We had a celebration for one of our staff’s three-year anniversary and an intern’s birthday with cupcakes and champagne. For my birthday, I got a little surprise of cupcakes and a cute birthday card. Thank you CCA staff! 

My experience here at CCA was great. It was my first internship with a marketing and public relations company. It sure was different from my other jobs and other New Door interns’ positions. Overall, I enjoyed my experience and working at a company that provides opportunities to disadvantaged youth to give them a chance to succeed. Thank you again, CCA.


By Joy Chu, CCA Spring 2016 Intern

 This blog post was written by Joy Chu. Joy was a previous CCA intern between the months of February and April under the Ally program with New Door Ventures. We wish Joy the best of luck on her next venture.

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