Land of the Painted Bird: Uruguay

The Meditation Path to Francis Mallman’s home Garzon, UY

The Meditation Path to Francis Mallman’s home Garzon, UY

Charles Communications Associates has always been an advocate of the underdog, the up and coming agricultural regions of the world which may not be on the collective radar but which have been quietly working diligently behind the scenes to create products that excel and excite.  Uruguay is one such place.  A tiny country of 3 million+ people which has set a new standard for financial stability, literacy rates, environmental stewardship, traceability with its products (wine, beef, olive oil among many others) to insure quality and provenance with consumers... the list goes on.  An opportunity to explore Uruguay presented itself in October last year where two great U.S. journalists accompanied me on my inaugural trip.  Alder Yarrow, who writes in such a comprehensive and original manner, penned three stories on the region and kindly agreed to let us share his ecumenical assessment of the region and its wines in this piece The Quiet Neighbor: An Introduction to Uruguayan Wine.  No longer under the radar, this past weekend, The annual Auction Napa Valley featured the cuisine of world famous chef Francis Mallman who while Argentine, maintains a home in Garzon, Uruguay where he cooks and reads by fire and candlelight only.   The photo featured here was the meditation pathway to his home where we dined intimately with his team and our small group on our first night.  

Shortly after our trip, as 2016 kicked off, fortuitously (as we marketing folks like to say when it really is our hard work behind the scenes that makes things come to fruition), the New York Times names Uruguay one of the top 52 places to visit in 2016.  Make sure it’s on your itinerary at some point soon.   Feel free to email me for suggestions at should you be planning to go.  


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